Forgive me if I don’t get too excited about another Hulk movie. I could tell from the trailers alone that Ang Lee’s take on the Incredible brute wasn’t going to be respectful to the character, so the talk about a sequel wasn’t interesting to me. That talk become even less interesting when word got out that Marvel didn’t want a sequel, they wanted the Hulk’s story done right. I don’t know exactly how much time should come between a movie and its remake, but I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been long enough. But you’re not here strictly for my opinion. You’re here for news, and news is what we have.

Cinescape claims to have an inside scoop on the Hulk sequel/remake. The movie will be titled Incredible Hulk and will not be a joint Marvel/Universal project. Instead it’s being added to the long line of projects Marvel is working on independently along with Avi Arad Productions, to be distributed by Paramount.

Because it’s not a Universal project don’t expect to see any familiar faces from the last movie – their contracts were with Universal, not Marvel. This means no Eric Bana returning. That’s fine. Bana had no interest in the project anyway and has moved on to bigger and better things, so it’s unlikely he’ll be disappointed. Instead a variety of names are being tossed around including Brendan Fraser, Dominic Purcell, and Adam Garcia. Cinescape’s scooper offers the opinion that the names have the ring of being a typical bunch of names associated with a movie like this. There isn’t exactly anything inspiring there, but then again, with an original bomb not too far behind, it’s not like the movie will have celebrities knocking down the Hulk’s door to be a part of it.

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