CBS has settled the company’s lawsuit against the departed king of all media Howard Stern.

Stern, the long time lynchpin in CBS’s talk radio empire, departed the company last year for a gig on Sirius Satellite Radio. CBS, playing the part of the jilted lover out for revenge, then sued Stern claiming he used CBS air time to promote his new show on Sirius. It was a weak move on the part of CBS, since they gave him that air time and really, had complete control over what Stern was or wasn’t allowed to say on the air. That after all, is why Stern ditched traditional radio in favor of satellite anyway, to get out from under the thumb of CBS and government censors.

Now Stern and CBS have settled it without the need for litigation. They’ve reached a settlement, though no one has actually signed yet and the details of the settlement have yet to be announced.

For CBS, it’s probably something of a relief to escape Howard’s public blasting of their babyish behavior. In March, Stern went on CBS’s “Late Show With David Letterman” wearing a t-shirt which proclaimed his hate of CBS exec Les Moonves. He went on to call Moonves a bully, and taunted his early acting career as a C-lister on “The Loveboat”.

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