In case you haven’t heard, it’s official – Kevin Smith will not be directing an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Booo! In an AOL interview posted towards the end of last month, Smith announced that he’d be directing an episode of the final season of BSG. As it’s likely that a lot of Smith’s fans also love Battlestar Galactica (geeks are geeks*, right?) it’s just as likely that all of them were very excited by this news. Now, it looks as though its not going to happen.

Smith posted an explanation in his Myspace blog along with the note sent to him by BSG producer, David Eick. The main reason why Smith won’t be directing the episode is, according to Eick, because they had already booked John Dahl for the same episode. Eick seemed genuinely apologetic over the mistake and added this to the note, “Anyway, just know that both Ron and I were thrilled at the possibility of getting you and are both seriously bummed that we can't. I also heard you've discussed this in interviews and that only makes my boneheadedness that much more profound and I will do anything -- publish a public blog called The Anatomy of a Fuckup -- you name it, to make up for it.”

In his blog, Smith mentioned having reservations over directing an episode of the show, due to the fact that he’s such a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica and wasn’t sure he would be able to bring anything to the show. Smith stated, ”In truth, I'm more a writer than a director, but I wouldn't be writing my "Galactica" episode (nor would I want to; I'm not a good enough writer to tackle a "Galactica" script, to be honest); and in terms of directing... well, when a show's been up and running as long as "Galactica", and the look is established and distinctive, it's not like a visiting director jumps aboard and says "I'm gonna change everything for my episode..." - particularly for a show that's gonna be in it's final season.”

Smith also made a really good point in mentioning the episode of ER and CSI that Quentin Tarantino directed and how it looked like any other episode of the series. There’s a good chance that even if Smith had gotten his hands on an episode of BSG, we wouldn’t have been able to recognize it in the episode without seeing his name in the credits. Ah, well. Fans of Heroes can at least continue to look forward to Heroes: Origins, the Heroes spin-off of which Smith is slated to write and direct the first episode. According to Variety, Origins will air in the Heroes timeslot either when the regular season of Heroes goes on hiatus or after the season is over.

* As someone who loves Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and pretty much anything Kevin Smith has ever been a part of, I count myself among said geeks.

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