Shooting aliens is something no action gamer will ever get tired of, apparently. So with Blacksite Area 51's release on the horizon later this year, it only makes sense to show gamers a bit more of what they will be shooting at. Not only that, but there’s also some new artwork and facts that are available for your perusal.

Blacksite: Area 51 is a squad-based, tactical shooter game. It reminds me a bit of Resistance: Fall of Man, except it has more domineering aliens, even more destructible environments and a much heavier focus on squad-based tactics. If there are any large-scale battle sequences, the game could be really, really cool. So far it looks like, though, that Blacksite is more of an alien version of Rainbow Six on speed.

The screenshots below evince the menacing characteristics of some of the aliens, through dynamic visual captures. But before you drop down to the screens, you can check out the official Xbox 360 fact sheet (I’m quite positive the PS3 fact sheet will be arriving soon enough).

Blacksite: Area 51 Xbox 360 Fact Sheet:

A Living, Breathing Squad Your elite Special Forces squad, assembled from the fi nest soldiers in today’s military, responds to your orders and your leadership in the most realistic in-game visuals imaginable. Lead your squad well and they’ll rally behind you when the enemy brings the fi ght, but waver in the face of the enemy and their morale will sink accordingly, affecting their aim, their fatigue and the will to fight.

Online Multiplayer Modes Players will have a wide variety of traditional online modes, such as Death- Match, Team-Death-Match and Capture-the-Flag. All-new, unique modes will also be available in the form of Human vs. Reborn mode and the new Siege mode, where teams try to capture each other’s squad members on the way to controlling territory.

Drive, Shoot and Ride Drive the latest military HMMWVs, ATVs and commandeer civilian vehicles, or take a seat in the gunner’s position in daring, low-level helicopter raids against enemy positions.

•Realistic, Fully Interactive Environments In the ultimate mission-based, player-driven FPS game, take your Squad down any one of multiple paths to solve problems and defeat enemies. Strategically use cover points and blow away others in huge levels where nearly everything you see is destructible.

• Unique One-Button Squad Command As Squad Leader, you have the power, the authority and the duty to command your troops to perform a variety of complex actions, including planting C-4, sniping an enemy in the guard tower, or taking control of various vehicles. Players will also have the ability to control all squad commands with the press of a single button, without the hassle of clunky menus and/or multiple button taps.

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