Whether or not Vince Vaughn were actually an item was up for debate for quite a while. Not long after that was the question over whether or not the two had gotten engaged. In the latest round of aren't they / aren't they comes the question of whether or not the two have broken up. Jennifer appeared on Oprah Winfrey Monday and answered the question with a solid no.

Not only are they not breaking up, but Aniston is sinking $15 million into a new six bedroom love nest for the couple, her first home purchase since splitting from Brad.

E! Online reviews that Aniston isn't the only one denying the rumors. Vaughn is taking matters much more seriously by making threats of law suits against the tabloid magazines "The Sun", "Daily Mirror", and "New York Post", who have recently claimed that he was seen playing smoochy with another woman at a charity event not long after rumors of the break up began to surface.

His argument is that the damaging photo upon which the allegations were based is misleading. I can see that. Those Hollywood types are always swapping kisses like they're going out of style...lucky Vaughn.

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