I almost hate reporting rumors like this, but I live with a terrible fear that the one time I don’t report one it’ll turn out to be true. So, read the following with this in mind: It’s probably a load of crap.

A website I’ve never heard of before called SneakPeakTV, reports that director Joss Whedon may be looking to hire Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to play Wonder Woman in his upcoming girl power superhero movie. They cite absolutely no source for their claim, and little internet websites like this have been known to invent rumors just like this one in order to get traffic on their pages.

The whole thing sounds too convenient really. Chopra has gotten a little buzz stateside for her role in an Indian superhero movie called Krrish. So her name sounds slightly familiar to a few as a superheroine. It’s pretty hard to believe that Whedon would cast a Bollywood star as Wonder Woman, but if she knows kung fu, then that might be enough to tickle Joss’s sweet spot. She’s certainly beautiful enough. That’s her in the pic to your right.

No rumor too stupid to be reported here. Just don’t take this one seriously.

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