People like to make wishes, even if their pleas go unanswered most of the time. If they make 20 wishes and 1 of them happens, they will think a difference has been made from their begging. Never underestimate the power of wishful thinking (or better yet, delusion.)

According to Hollywood Reporter , a wish has come true for Jason Lethcoe, who's manuscript Tales From The Wishworks Factory has just been picked up by Universal. He will executive produce the project, with Nick Osborne and Trevor Engelson producing through Underground Films.

The film is about the Wishworks Factory, a magical place that collects all of the wishes made on Earth. And believe me, that's a whole lot of wishes. Their evil rival, The Curseworks Factory, exists to rain on people's wish-happy parades. When an orphan asks for unlimited wishes on his birthday, the two opposing factories duke out to see who will take on his case.

Who will whip these spoiled kids into shape? Sounds like a job for Supernanny!

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