The Sci Fi Channel recently announced that they’ve added three new stars to the cast of their upcoming miniseries, Tin Man. Joining the already all-star cast, which includes Zooey Deschanel (Elf), Alan Cumming (X2) and Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws, and couple decades worth of other great movies) is Neal McDonough (Flags of Our Fathers), Kathleen Robertson (Hollywoodland) and Raoul Trujillo (Apocalypto). Tin Man is Sci Fi’s re-imagined twist on the classic novel “The Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum.

The network describes the miniseries as a “sometimes psychedelic, often twisted and always outrageous take on the book.” Deschanel will play DG (the “Dorothy” role), a young woman who leaves her boring life behind when she’s thrown into The Outer Zone (the O.Z. – get it?). A source at Sci Fi described the miniseries as a closer adaptation to the book in terms of the darkness of the story rather than the original movie version we’re all so familiar with. We should also be able to expect Sci Fi's unique brand of reimagining with the miniseries.

Along with Glitch (Cumming), Raw, (Trujillo) and Cain (McDonough), DG will set off on her journey through The O.Z. in search of a wizard known as the Mystic Man (Dreyfuss). Robertson has been cast to play Azkadellia, the wicked sorceress. There is no word on whether or not there will be munchkins but we do know there will be lots of dark magic and evil winged-monkey-bats.

Sci Fi hopes to begin production on the miniseries in Vancouver later this month in the hopes of a December premiere.

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