From one arbiter of style to another, Perez Hilton gives us a taste of what we hope is the final nail in the coffin of white-boy rap gone hilariously bad from cable man-boy wunderkind Andy Milonakis.

Racist? Sure. Misogynistic? Why not? Just downright dirty and dumb? Absolutely. Music is the purest form of expression and MTV2’s Andy Milonakis’ “Penis Capades” is giving the world his take on how life is allegedly treating the boy from Katonah, New York in the myriad world of lower-tier stardom. The track has a strong beat that outlasts the grammar-school musings and if it were sung by a gold-coin label leader, would likely rock plenty of play.

What makes his latest foray into gross is no different than any given episode of Flava of Love. Milonakis himself created his own sensation as a self-bred character with The Andy Milonakis Show and as a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While other white boy rappers like Eminem and Vanilla Ice have each made their mark in music, some with great success and mimicry, Milonakis is merely biting the hand that has fed so many so well for so long. And if blood is drawn, lick it up baby. Lick. It. Up.

Now let’s give the kid a 13-episode pick-up on network television and be done with it already.

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