While celebrities like Shannen Doherty take turns guest-hosting on ‘The View’ to fill the void left by booted Star Jones-Reynolds, Star will be playing a similar role on the show ‘House Hunters’ on HGTV. According to People magazine, Jones will spend a week on the show assisting people by helping them to buy a home in New York.

The abrupt termination of Jones-Reynolds from ‘The View’ caused quit a bit of turmoil not only on the show but also in the media. Statements between ‘View’ people like Barbara Walters and Jones-Reynolds flew back and forth for days while viewers chatted animatedly about the scandal. Now as the drama dies down, it’s likely that Jones-Reynolds is trying to stay in the public’s eye until she finds a more permanent gig.

While Jones-Reynolds has reportedly deleted any and all ‘View’ info from her website, rumor has it that ABC has done the same not only from their website but from the ABC premises as well. Like a bad breakup, both sides are trying to scrape away all remnants of the other.

I can just picture Barbara Walter’s scrapbook full of pictures of her and her ‘View’ gals. Each photo has a torn out portion of it. Cut to Walters dropping a match into a garbage can and smiling evilly as little fragments of photos, each with the image of Jones-Reynolds head smiling away bubble up and melt in the flames. Ok, maybe not.

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