Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle is a stoner comedy with more than a few supremely hilarious moments. Unfortunately for Harold and Kumar, most of those moments come courtesy of celebrity cameos. Every second that Neil Patrick Harris is on screen is pure, unadulterated, messed up comedy gold. Anthony Anderson’s cameo as a drive-through guy for an inferior burger restaurant is its own kind of genius too. Years later I still have the annoying habit of threatening to “burn this motherfucker down!” whenever something displeases me.

So the question for me when it comes to the movie’s impending sequel Harold &Kumar 2 hasn’t been so much whether or not Harold and Kumar are still funny, but whether or not they’ll be able to find a new celebrity crutch to prop them up. The answer is that in fact, they will not. They’re using their old one .

The first trailer for Harold & Kumar 2 has hit the internet, and the good news is that Neil Patrick Harris is back to sniff more coke off a hooker’s ass. Though with his recent sexual revelations, maybe it’ll be a slightly hairier ass than he sniffed off of last time. Go get em Doogie! Lapdance...

Check out the trailer by clicking play on the embed below:

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