WooHoo Disney has seen the computer generated light. In a typical Disney recreate-what-already-works move, the mouse house has hired screenwriters Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal to create a remake of the original flick. Given Tron’s spotty fanbase, this is an odd move. Fans of the movie probably won’t take well to a remake, and people who aren’t fans aren’t exactly likely to flock to theaters at the name.

Tron, the story of a man who was digitized and trapped inside a computer, was considered to be ahead of its time. It featured the first computer rendered special effects, which were considered to be a cheat and not considered for the Academy Awards. Today CGI rendered cartoons are nominated every year, and I dare you to find a movie that’s nominated for an Oscar today that doesn’t include computer effects somewhere.

This remake will delve into the world of cyberspace, which didn’t really exist when the original was made in the early ‘80s. Again, it will be about someone getting trapped within a computer, although this time the world will branch out to the internet.

This isn’t the first time an offshoot the cult-favorite has been mentioned, although it’s the first time something has been publicly announced like this other than the 2004 video game “Tron 2.0”.

Klugman and Sternthal are the writing team behind the upcoming historical epic Warrior, and Klugman appeared in a few episodes of “Felicity”. No word has been given as to whether original stars Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxlightner, or David Warner will be involved in any way.

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