Weekly posters and wallpapers aren’t enough to remind Pixar fans that we are racing closer and closer to the release date for Cars, now the powers that be at Disney have released another new trailer for the film. The latest really shows off how visually impressive the movie will be (of course! It’s from Pixar) but doesn’t explain much more about the storyline than we already knew. Lightning McQueen is a big Nascar racing machine who discovers what really counts in an off the beaten path town full of interesting vehicular characters.

It’s a plot that’s pretty typical for Disney and Pixar, yet I still have this nagging feeling that something about the movie feels off. I wish I knew what it was, maybe the Disney flash-in-the-pan artist cover of “Life is a Highway” in the trailer, but despite the trailers and images steadily pouring out of the house of mouse I feel a need to lower my expectations.

Click here to go to our Cars video page with links to the newest trailer at Yahoo! Movies.

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