4,029 entries from across 113 countries, and only one could be the next American Idol. Oops, wrong contest! Actually, the contest was for the Peugeot Design Your Own Car Challenge, in which the winner’s concept car would be used in an upcoming Xbox 360 game. Well, there was a winner and the car will be appearing in the next Project Gotham Racing title.

Miha Pana’tescu (and I’m hoping that’s the right way to spell it) was the lucky individual who was picked as the winner for the concept car, the Flux. According to the press release, “Beginning in March, the Flux project will be replicated to full scale and presented in Peugeot’s booth for the next Frankfurt Auto show in September 2007. Starting in March is essential since it allows the teams in Peugeot’s Style Center and Microsoft Game Studios to capture the project and have a design that is true to the author’s vision and spirit, in terms of realistic handling and driving sensations.”

What a lucky duck Miha is...getting a car featured in all its glory in Project Gotham Racing 4. Not to be a buzz kill, but it would have been just a tad bit more rewarding to have the car featured in Forza Motorsport 2. “We are excited to work with Peugeot in helping to visualize the future of Peugeot vehicle design. The Flux is a perfect fit for PGR4,” said Martyn Chudley, Managing Director of Bizarre Creations. “We were impressed with the innovative and the extreme car designs submitted; We hope that Mihai Panaitescu will be excited when he sees The Flux faithfully created on the Xbox 360. We look forward to adding a lot of Gotham to its chassis!”

For more information regarding the Peugot design contest and the Flux, you can visit Peugeot’s Official Website.

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