Zach Braff has become an incredibly recognizable name in a short amount of time. So when we didn’t get the trailer for his December 29th film until halfway through December, we all wondered what was going on. Then the poster came out a week before the initial release with a new release date: January 19th. What was going on here? Was the film so bad the studio didn’t want to release it in a busy month, moving it to January instead? Were the powers that have continually been keeping Jason Bateman down at work here?

Zach Braff himself explains the move in a new blog entry at his website, but not the January move. Now the movie is being released in March (March 9th to be specific). The reason for the move? Busy actors. According to Braff, neither he or the film’s costars Jason Bateman and Amanda Peet have the time to go on the promotional circuit right now. Instead of giving the movie a January death release, Braff says the studio chose to push the film back and allow the cast to promote it a bit.

I’m still a little nervous about this. While Braff may be giving this information, there has been little advertisement from the studio that this film even exists. How do you release a film’s trailer only two weeks before its intended release date and then not announce the film being moved? Braff cracks me up a lot on “Scrubs,” and I loved “Arrested Development” with Bateman, but I’m wondering if Fast Track isn’t an appropriate name for how quickly the film will head to home video.

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