The Chronicles of Narnia Official Site is updated, live, and man is it annoying. Don’t get me wrong, the look is absolutely gorgeous, and they’ve started adding some great content, like a series of behind the scene featurettes (the latest and third one is up, learn about locations and sets). But the loading is ponderous and going there lags down everything else running on my computer like I’ve got the latest episodes of “Lost” and “Red Vs Blue” playing simultaneously in the background.

Hopefully, this is just an aberration and the place will run a bit smoother as time wears on. They’ve still not released anything in the way of actual, legitimate movie footage, but the official site does sport some really great looking character models like the one I’ve posted to the right and some more new production art (much of which looks uncomfortably like LOTR scenes) like the samples I’ve posted below. Click HERE to look for yourself.

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