For a minute or two there it looked like Uma Thurman might be on her way to becoming Hollywood's first real-deal female action hero. She was great in Kill Bill and shortly thereafter her name popped up in conjunction with nearly every girl powered action flick being considered. Then she decided she'd rather spend her screen time making out with hot guys.

Now Uma's on her way to supplanting Meg Ryan as the new queen of mediocre rom-coms. Since her time with Tarantino she's done Prime, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and even in The Producers she played the obligatory lust interest.

Now she's adding another one onto the heap. The Hollywood Reporter says she's set to star in the romantic comedy The Accidental Husband as Emma Lloyd, the host of a local radio relationship show. A listener follows her advice and dumps her fireman boyfriend, and the boyfriend in turn sets out to get revenge on Emma.

Co-starring in the movie is Colin Firth, Isabella Rosselini, Sam Shepard, and 'Grey's Anatomy' star Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Morgan is the sexy fireman male lead. Practical Magic helmer Griffin Dunne will direct.

Unless you count Linda Hamilton, there's never really been a good female action star. Uma could have been the first to capture the title. It's probably not going to happen. Uma seems locked in to the usual hum-drum female star routine of playing lovesick romantics or serial killer villains. Problem is, unlike Julia Roberts she's really not suited for it. Any woman with feet that big should be out there kicking ass.

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