When it first came out Radioland Murders was considered a large disappointment due to one name: George Lucas. The movie had been announced as Lucas’s next picture as far back as after Star Wars. After the trilogy had been completed Lucas’s name was considered gold and so the resulting film (for which Lucas only received Executive Producer and story credit) was a letdown by comparison.

But Lucas’s name isn’t the only name that should be considered for Radioland Murders which carries a veritable Who’s Who of character actors. Brian Benben stars with appearances by Ned Beatty, Michael Lerner, Stephen Tobolowski, Jeffrey Tambor, Christopher Lloyd, and Larry Miller, among many others.

Radioland Murders is one of those movies I recommend to friends who are in the mood for something a little strange. Until now it’s been a bit hard to find but that changes as it hits DVD on August 22nd. If you’re in the mood for something a little mysterious and a lot zany, this might be for you.

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