Season 6 of America’s Next Top Model ended Wednesday night with Danielle Evans taking home the grand prize. Along with a $100,000 modeling contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, she will also get a management contract with the Ford Modeling Agency.

Evans literally risked life and limb to reach the end of the competition. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic but she did sprain a toe and end up in the hospital for dehydration at one point during the season. She was also faced with the decision of whether or not to close the gap between her two front teeth, after being advised to do so by the judges. In the end she compromised by having the gap partially closed. Another challenge for her in the competition was her accent. Her exquisite looks were often overshadowed by her fairly urban accent, which Evans vowed to work on if she won.

Evans beat out Jade Rodan and Joanie Dodds, who also stood in the top three of this season’s competition.

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