CINEMABLEND never stops looking for talented contributors. When we have a specific opening, it'll be posted here.

All applicants must be over 18 years of age. Show us what you’ve got! Feel free to apply for more than one position.


CINEMABLEND seeks a freelance news writer to cover sci-fi related news. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, highly enthusiastic wordsmiths with good common sense and a high level of interest in all things science fiction. They also have a high interest in sci-fi in film and television.

Are you a huge Star Wars or Star Trek fan? You never miss an episode of Doctor Who? Have you ever engaged in a debate over which Battlestar Galactica is the superior TV show? Or imagined yourself captaining Serenity? More importantly, have you been looking for a place to share your opinions on upcoming sci-fi projects in film and television? This may be the job for you. We're looking for a sci-fi fanatic with intimate knowledge of popular science fiction TV shows and films, who will also be able to cover other non-sci-fi movie news as well.

Qualified candidates should know how to use basic photo editing software (Photoshop!), have a willingness to work insanely hard, a hatred of clichés, some writing experience and a broad knowledge of and passion for science fiction and film.

Candidates must have a flexible schedule and be available to write during the weekdays. We're looking for a creative thinker who's enthusiastic about sci-fi and eager to write news, lists and feature editorials on the subject. We pay a small but competitive per-article rate and we're looking for roughly 65 submissions from you a month.

If you'd like to apply, please include answers to the following questions with your application:
1) Which is the best Star Trek movie and why?
2) Name your favorite character from the Star Wars Extended Universe novels and tell us why you think he, she, or it should be in the new Star Wars movies.
3) What current sci-fi TV shows do you watch?

To apply visit our Mediabistro Page.

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