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All applicants must be over 18 years of age. Show us what you’ve got!

Movies Reporter

CINEMABLEND seeks an experienced, freelance film reporter to cover daily movie news, features, reviews and potential on-camera opportunities. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, highly enthusiastic wordsmiths with outstanding news instincts, good common sense and a high level of interest in all things movie-related. You must reside in a major metropolitan area and at least 1 year working at a movie- or entertainment-driven Web site is preferred.

Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Have you tracked every move made by Kevin Feige as he’s constructed the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you wonder how DC can keep up with their rival superhero studio? Will you go out of your way to see every Oscar contender in theaters? Do you prefer Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games movies, or David O. Russell films? And what are your thoughts on Hollywood’s need to reboot or remake every popular property from our collective childhood?

More important, have you been looking for a place to share your opinions on the latest happenings in the movie industry? Then this may be the job for you. We're looking for a Senior Movie Reporter who is just as comfortable writing a breaking news story as they are filing a movie review. We’re looking for someone capable of handling press junkets and set visits, but who isn’t afraid of putting their nose to the grindstone on a daily basis and keeping the news cycle flowing.

Qualified candidates should: have experience writing for a current movie or entertainment site; know how to use basic photo editing software; have a willingness to work insanely hard; thrive in a collaborative, team-oriented structure; and possess a near-obsession with covering all aspects of the film industry.

Candidates must have a flexible schedule and be available to write during the weekdays (with possible weekend work). We're looking for a creative thinker who's enthusiastic about movies, and is eager to write news, lists and feature editorials and reviews. We pay a small, but competitive per-article rate and we're looking for roughly 65 submissions from you a month.

To apply, go HERE.

Entry Level Weekend News Writer

CinemaBlend seeks an enthusiastic movie, TV and pop culture fanatic for an entry-level freelance news writing position. Ideal candidates will be self-motivated wordsmiths with up-to-date knowledge of the entertainment industry. We're looking for someone to write primarily on the weekends, who has some prior experience writing entertainment news.

This is a job for an entry-level writer who's willing to work for entry-level pay. Journalism degree not required. U.S. applicants only, please.

Are you a fan of movies, TV, books, music and pop culture? Do you have some news-writing experience under your belt and are ready to take it to the next level? We're looking for a writer who loves all things movies, never misses an episode of their favorite shows, and is eager to share thoughts, opinions and information on the latest entertainment happenings. If you're that person, this may be the job for you!

Qualified candidates will be detail-oriented, up to date on the latest movie, TV and pop culture trends and have some experience covering entertainment news. You don't need to have written for a major outlet, but you do need to demonstrate a high interest in entertainment news and a basic understanding of how to write a news article. The job also requires a basic knowledge of HTML formatting and image editing (mainly cropping and resizing images).

We pay a small per-article rate and we're looking for a minimum of 65 submissions from you a month.

Availability to write on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is a must.

Please submit your resume, along with links to relevant writing samples and answers to the following questions:

1. Which three 2015 movies are you most looking forward to?

2. List three TV shows you watch every week.

3. If you could dream-cast three actresses to star in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot, who would you choose?

Applications without links to relevant writing samples and answers to the above questions will not be considered.

To apply, go HERE.

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