Not content to hamstring the luminous X-Men franchise by abandoning it for a bigger paycheck, Bryan Singer is preparing to deal X3 an even more deadly blow. He’s stealing Patrick Stewart.

According to rumors circulating over at, the mutant headmaster is Singer’s first choice to play Jor-El in his pending Superman project. Whether this technically breaks my one superhero per actor rule is up for debate, since technically maybe Jor-El is only a superhero progenitor and not a superhero himself, but what is certain is that any time spent filming Superman can only make it harder to get Stewart signed for a potential and much more important than Superman, X3.

I’m sure Singer’s next move will be to hire Alan Cumming as Lex Luthor. How about Hugh Jackman as Perry White? Shawn Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen? Sir Ian McKellan as a pink cape wearing Superman? It’s not looking good for the future of X-Men. Let’s blame the Man of Steel.

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