5 Best Games Of 2014 So Far

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I'm not really sure why I tried Hearthstone in the first place. Collectible card games, much less ones with microtransactions, never appealed to me. I'm glad I gave it a whirl, though.

Hearthstone is a complicated game that fools you into thinking it isn't. It seems like a kid's game at first, even. You're greeted by a dwarven innkeeper, given a pile of colorful cards emblazoned with gnomes and knights, and then pitted against dimwitted bots. If the game had a hand, it would be patting your head the whole time.

Within an afternoon, though, you're constructing your own decks. Do I need more minions? Does it have a good mana curve? You're cursing the existence of Zoolocks, Miracle Rogues and other things you once never knew existed.

Hearthstone managed to pull me into a genre that I never considered playing before. As long as Blizzard keeps updating and refining the game, I'll be staying there.
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