The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition Swings Onto Wii U In March

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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Itís taken a while for The Amazing Spider-Man to swing onto the Wii U, so it should come as some consolation to know that the games Ultimate Edition will come packed with free DLC content included on the disc and a bunch of new features exclusive to this latest, and apparently ultimatest, version of the game.

Activision and Marvel Entertainment announced the The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition will be web-crawling onto the Wii U on March 8th. This exclusive version of the game will include four DLC packs free of charge, along with all of the combat and free-roaming exploration youíve come to expect from the Spider-Man games. Also, since this is the Wii U weíre talking about, you can expect some additional bells and whistles exclusive to Nintendoís latest home console.

That additional content kicks off with the Stan Lee Adventure Pack, which just so happens to be fully voiced by Stan-Freaking-Lee himself. Stanís latest script has been swept up in a killer gust of wind and, empowered with Spider-Manís abilities, Mr. Lee must swing all around Manhattan to retrieve the scattered pages.

The second bit of added content comes in the form of a Lizard Rampage Pack, which puts you in the scaly skin of one of Spideyís greatest enemies on a quest to destroy the city. What a jerk.

The third pack is the Rhino Challenge, which tasks you with becoming the Rhino and destroying as much of the city as humanly possible before time runs out.

Finally, the Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack includes a pair of new mini-games for Peter Parker to enjoy on his in-game cell phone.

As for those Wii U-specific features, your Wii U Pad now becomes the Oscorp OsPhone, allowing you to access your in-game phone via the controllerís touchscreen. Use it to accept challenges, play mini-games, explore the map and handle upgrades. Thereís also an Off-screen mode, which lets you play the entire game on your pad rather than the full TV.

Look for The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition to arrive on Wii U on March 8.
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