Basement Crawl Bringing Multiplayer Mayhem To PS4

By Ryan Winslett 2 years ago discussion comments
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Itís not a surprise to have a brand new console like the PlayStation 4 take a while to get rolling in the new games department. One upcoming title, Basement Crawl, looks to flesh out that library sometime in the coming months with a dark and gritty take on multiplayer combat.

Coming from the folks at Bloober Team, Basement Crawl looks to revitalize some old school mechanics with a bit of next-gen flash and sizzle. The game looks to combine Bomberman with blood and horror, making for what looks to be a fast and furious frag-a-thon to determine who is the killer supreme.

ďBasement Crawl is a PS4 exclusive that allows you to play locally with friends, a feature that hasnít been especially prevalent in games lately,Ē states Bloober Marketing Manager Marc Colhoun in the gameís recent PS Blog post. Itís a fair point, and one I wouldnít mind seeing considered for even more competitive titles in this newest generation of consoles. ďBasement Crawl brings together retro gameplay, modern mechanics and grindhouse horror to create a completely addictive experience.Ē

This seems to be a matter of peanut butter and jell, and hopefully it will blend together to become just as delicious a treat. Some of my fondest gaming memories involve cramming in hours upon hours of Bomberman 2 with friends and family, as well as yucking it up at the over-the-top horror antics of games like Twisted Metal, Mad World and Illbleed. Mix those things together in a bowl and you get Basement Crawl, assuming the concept works in practice as well as it does in theory. Colhoun, for one, is convinced that it does.

ďAs soon as you dive into the game, you can face off against four players locally or eight players online in dynamic grid-based arena mayhem,Ē he explains. ďBasement Crawl focuses very, very heavily on skill. Hereí itís all about reflexes and strategy.Ē

No word yet on pricing or a release date, but hopefully we can get to destroying our friends in this funhouse of action and gore with a quickness. I think we could all use a new reason to boot up the PS4, especially if itís a game that lets us play with our friends. That's not to mention that the 2014 line-up has been rather sparse so far, and any game to help flesh out the play-time is a welcome addition to the PlayStation 4's library.

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