BattleSwarm Screenshots: Action Figure Heads In Combat

By William Usher 6 years ago discussion comments
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Who doesnít love a good old fashioned showdown between hulking, heavy-weaponed space marines and a countless army of over-sized, sharp-clawed bugs? Well for those of you who donít like those kind of showdowns you probably wonít enjoy the new set of screens for Reality Gapís BattleSwarm.

The new screenshots feature some action figure heroes engaging in some bug-blasting combat, complete with alien entrails splattered all over the screen.

BattleSwarm: Field of Honor is an MMOTPS, designed similarly to Gears of War but set in a Starship Trooper-style universe. The game is built on the Unreal Engine 3 technology and recently entered open-beta. Did I happen to mention that itís free-to-play?

You can check out the new set of screenshots below or visit the Official Website to see if your PC can run this over-the-shoulder action-MMO.

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