The Best PS4 Games... So Far

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Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 came sooner than some BF fans would've liked. However, it's a worthy sequel with some great changes.

Perhaps the most meaningful revision in Battlefield 4 is made to naval combat. Boats were merely transportation in BF3 but in its sequel they can stand toe-to-toe with land and air threats. The sea is now valuable real estate to control instead of a shooting gallery you have to hustle through.

Commander Mode is a nice addition, too. One player per team can aid troops on the ground with supply drops, radar sweeps and more through the game or a mobile device. This mode enables more organized team play while also giving you something to do while you're on the toilet.

These features simply enhance an already impressive package of multiplayer modes and maps. BF4's the gold standard for multiplayer shooters on PS4 right now and may stay that way for awhile.
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