BioShock 2: Minerva's Den DLC Now Available

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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Today 2K Games released the last downloadable content for BioShock 2. Minerva's Den adds a standalone single-player experience to the game.

In Minerva's Den, the player (as a new character) teams up with Brigid Tenenbaum to stop a megalomaniac who's taken over a district of Rapture. Splicers with elemental powers, security bots that shoot rockets and lightning bolts, and a new type of Big Daddy await you. To even the odds, the game will give you a Gravity Well plasmid as well as a new Ion Laser weapon.

Minerva's Den costs 800 MS Points ($10) to download. It's currently available on Xbox Live and will hit PSN later today.
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