BioWare Defends Mass Effect 2's Lack Of Side-Boob

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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People will complain about damn near anything on the Internet. For example, some take exception to the fact that Mass Effect 2's sex scenes are a bit tamer than the first Mass Effect's. BioWare is less than sympathetic.

"People who claim to be old enough and mature enough to handle sex and nudity in a game seem to believe that any lack of sex and nudity in the game is a sign of self-censorship," said BioWare's Stanley Woo on the game's forums. "They generally don't believe that a game can be called 'mature' without explicit sex and/or nudity."

"Let me tell you, folks, that as a developer full of mature individuals, we are also free to not have explicit sex and/or nudity in our games, no matter what you, Fox News, the government, or Bunky the Wonder Clown has to say about it. We have never considered it a 'problem,' it is simply a choice we have made and we have every right to make that choice."

I guess that's a 'no' on a Hot Coffee minigame, then?
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