GameTap has announced that Civilization IV the honorary 1,000th game to their library of games new and old. Civilization IV comes from 2K Games and Sid Meier, who've had a strong relationship with GameTap in the past. GameTap has also showcased 2K Games/Sid Meier titles such as Pirates.

GameTap also featured a vast and in-depth retrospective on Sid Meier's career in gaming at the following link: Sid Meier. Eager gamers can also find an informative interview with Sid Meier as well as a way to purchase Civilization IV for direct downloading in the aforementioned link.

This is definitely a milestone for the broadband gaming store and provider, GameTap. Though I'm not a big fan of downloading or streaming games online or computer. I've always been more of a console person, than PC person. But the format and service is definitely valuable and sensible for this service, especially for online, PC gaming




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