Crysis 3 Lost Island DLC Returns To The West Pacific

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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Crysis 3's latest DLC will take players out of the New York City Liberty Dome. The "Lost Island" add-on brings players to a tropical island somewhere in the West Pacific.

In "Lost Island," an alien entity has been found on a small isle in the West Pacific. CELL Corporation forces hope to recover the entity, while Rebels want to destroy it. They'll settle the dispute by killing each other in multiplayer battles.

The DLC is a sort of return to the series' roots. Crysis and its expansion Warhead both took place in the Ling Shan Islands. The titular "Lost Island" in the Crysis 3 DLC is actually 200 miles away from those islands. However, there's a heavy physical resemblance.

"Lost Island" provides four new maps set in this tropical location. It also introduces two new modes (Frenzy and Possession) and new weapons. The first screenshots, below, depict a Gravity Hammer-like melee weapon.

The DLC will debut on June 4th for $15.
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