Deco Online Finally Receives A Summer Update

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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After ages of no updates and probably what seemed like abandonment, Deco fans can finally take comfort in knowing that Joymax has finally updated Deco Online. Nevertheless, they still have yet to make mention on whether the hacking has been resolved.

Joymax has gone through some tough times with their games, especially with the hacking and bot problems plaguing their three major games. However, that hasnít stopped Joymax from bringing new updates to their titles, and just today they announced that Deco Online will have some festive summer activies for gamers to enjoy.

If you havenít given up on Deco and joined the petition for suing Joymax over bad business practices then youíll be in for a few treats that include revamped item enhancements that no longer require crafting to upgrade. A revamped non-PVP channel has been introduced and new clothes such as swimsuits and beach-ware have been added, along with a bonus mission for players who hit the sand in style.

Interested in the new update? Well, check it out at the Official Deco Online Website. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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