Destiny: 5 Things I Want To See In The Final Game

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The Destiny beta has come and gone, and Iím guessing there are more than a few people out there who, like me, are still suffering from withdrawals while waiting for the Sept. 9 launch of the actual game. The majority of folks sounding off about their time with the beta seem to have had a very positive experience, but thereís always room for improvement. Here are five things Iíd like to see added to the final game.

As I discussed with Katy Goodman leading up to the Destiny beta, I wasnít originally sold on the game. As more details about the ambitious shooter/MMO hybrid hit the internet, however, my interest began to grow. By the time Katy and I were gearing up to tackle Destinyís early build, I was ready to be made into a believer. Katy and I will be diving deeper into our beta experiences in another edition of 2Player next week but, for now, I thought Iíd offer up some constructive criticism. And by ďconstructive criticism,Ē I of course mean ďThese are the things I want because Iím never satisfied!Ē

No MMO is complete without housing, and as far as we can tell from the beta, Destiny seems to be lacking in the private quarters department. Space to call my own, to expand, to furnish and show off to friends would be a nice distraction from all of that shooting, as wells give me something else to spend Glimmer on. Iím a fan of trophy items in Lord of the Rings Online, too, and would love to show off epic in-game moments with items that can be displayed in your quarters. If nothing else, perhaps clan dojos are an option, complete with open chat, a shooting range, a map/planning system, etc.
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