EA Shutting Down Online Play For Madden 09, Other Sports Games

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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Today EA announced that they'll be pulling the plug on online service for many of their sports games on February 2nd. Some of the games listed are pretty old but there's some fairly new stuff mixed in here as well.

  • UEFA Champions League 07 PC and x360
  • Facebreaker x360 and PS3
  • Fantasy Football 09 x360 and PS3
  • FIFA 07 PSP, PS2, PC
  • Fight Night Round 3 PS2
  • Madden 08 Wii
  • Madden 08 PC
  • Madden 09 Xbox1
  • Madden 09 Wii and PSP
  • March Madness 07 x360
  • NBA 07 PSP, x360
  • NBA 08 PS2, PSP, Wii
  • NBA 09 Wii - Europe only
  • NBA Street (2007) PS3 and x360
  • NCAA Football 08 PS2
  • NCAA Football 09 PS2
  • NASCAR 08 PS2
  • NASCAR 09 PS2
  • NASCAR 09 PS3 and x360 - Europe Only
  • NFL Tour PS3 and x360
  • NHL 07 PSP and x360
  • NHL 08 PC
  • Tiger Woods 07 PC
  • Madden 09 x360 and PS3
  • Madden 07 Xbox 360
To my eyes, Facebreaker is the newest game on the list. It was released in November 2008 but apparently wasn't popular enough for EA to keep supporting it. The same can't be sad for Madden NFL 09, an August 2008 release still played by quite a few people. Guess they really want to make everyone upgrade to Madden 10.
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