Fable: The Balverine Order Novel Has Fable III Weapon Code

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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This fall Ace Books will be publishing Fable: The Balverine Order, the first novel based on the Fable RPG franchise. In a bit of smart marketing, they're giving exclusive Fable III content to everyone who buys a copy.

Each copy of the novel will have a unique code inside. The reader can redeem it through Xbox Live and gain access to an exclusive weapon in Fable III. No information was revealed about the weapon itself.

Balverine Order was written by Peter David. Its story takes place between Fable II and Fable III. Albion is becoming more industrialized with every passing year. Two friends set out to hunt the elusive beast known as the balverine and get in way over their heads.

The 496-page novel will cost $9.99. It's set to hit stores on October 5th.
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