Fatal Inertia Doesnít Seem All That Fatal

By William Usher 9 years ago discussion comments
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Iím not really sure what happened with this game, but the biggest problem with it is that itís not that fast. I know that doesnít seem like a good way to introduce you to the following story...but I canít help it if itís the truth. The game just isnít very fast and doesnít seem to be particularly exciting either. You can watch the trailer for yourself and be the judge.

One of the problems with games like this is that they try too hard to be something other than what people expect; honestly I was expecting F-Zero, but faster, from this game. Instead, Fatal Inertia manages to deliver a mediocre racing pace that doesnít venture very far from what weíve been used to seeing from ďfuturistic racersĒ. In fact, Iím almost convinced that Fatal Inertia is a lot slower than a game like Quantum Redshift.

Thereís weapons that come into play along with some sharp turns and power-ups Ė and as youíll see in the following trailer, none of it looks exceedingly stimulating. Itís all a bit generic if you ask me. But then again, you donít have to ask me about the game if you take a look at the trailer below. Iím sure hoping that thereís some added speed to the game when itís finally time for it to ship.

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