Katamari Forever Now Available For PS3

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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Itís time to strap on your stockings, blast some cool tunes, gather up a lot of stuff and then roll things up. Thatís right, Namco Bandaiís PS3 exclusive, Katamari Forever is now available at local retailers.

According to the press releaseÖ
The sequel to the immensely popular Katamari series, Katamari Forever tasks players to roll up as many everyday objects as possible within a time limit set by the Princeís father, the King of All Cosmos. As more objects are rolled up, your katamari becomes bigger, allowing you to pick up even larger items.

The game isnít just about taking on a universe of things that must be rolled up and put awayÖthere are also new multiplayer modes available so that Katamari and any one of his cousins can join forces and, you know, roll things up.

Katamari Forever isnít just taking old concepts and tossing them on the PS3 though. People buy the PlayStation 3 for its HD goodness and Bandai has taken advantage of that with a whole new art-style that gives the game a strikingly unique look complete in 1080p HD.

The game is currently available, exclusively on the PS3 for $49.99. If youíre part of the hip social networking generation you can check out the Katamari Forever Twitter for up-to-the-minute news or visit the Official Website if youíre still part of the group of people who prefers to maintain a balance on information overload.

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