New KillZone Game Not On The PS3; New Trailer Revealed

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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Yep, itís true. The headline is completely true. There is a new KillZone game thatís not KillZone 2. Itís not even for the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 3. Hím, Iím sure the fanboys are really sweating in their seats with this news. So what platform is this new KillZone on and what is the game about?

Well, the new KillZone game features all the high-end action and fast-paced shooting you would expect from the PlayStation 3 counterpart. Graphically, itís not too bad, either. Then again, Iíve never been gung-ho for KillZoneís graphics anyway. The important thing to know is that the game is still far from landing on the Xbox 360, so that should assuage some fears Sony fanboys may have had.

Now, the important news here is that the new KillZone game that was just announced is the KillZone Webgame! Mwahaha! Yes, a webgame. Itís featured in the exclusive new trailer that you can check out below. Iím betting a few of you were startled at the fact that the new KillZone game wasnít for the PlayStation 3. I imagine a few of you were crying and begging that it had nothing to do with a Wii version of the game. I think I would have cried at that kind of news, too.

Anyway, for more gaming news, information and updates regarding the latest titles, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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