New Street Fighter IV Screens Reveal The Original World Warriors

By Steve West 8 years ago discussion comments
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People tell me that complaining gets you nowhere, that I should be happy with what I’m given. Boy do those morons have egg on their face now. Amidst whining and complaining of seeing the same thing from Street Fighter IV so far, Capcom has graciously revealed new screens. And yes, I get my mother flippin’ bent over bendy punch screenshot. The world is now a happy place.

The real intent of the screens is to show that the core idea behind SFIV is that they’re going back to the classic Street Fighter II formula. This means those original characters we all know and love are officially in IV. Now we’ll get to go back and find out if the Hyakuretsu Kyaku is stronger than the Hundred Hand Slap.

We have a selection of new screens in the gallery below. You can see all of the latest Street Fighter IV screens courtesy of Famitsu. And you don’t have to read Japanese to know how awesome these things are. Right now we’re expecting nothing less than a perfect spiritual successor to Street Fighter II, and these shots more than ease our minds.
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