No StarCraft II Open Beta, Campaign Is 20-30 Hours Long

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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Currently a small amount of lucky gamers are participating in StarCraft II's beta. Unfortunately for the players who didn't get in, Blizzard intends to keep the beta a very exclusive event.

"We have no plans to make an open Beta at this time," said Blizzard in a fan Q&A. No reason is provided for this decision. They never held open betas for World of Warcraft or its expansions, either, so there's precedent at least.

The chat wasn't all gloom and doom, though. Blizzard also revealed the estimated length for the single-player campaign and it's pretty hefty. "We don't know for sure. I'm guessing 20-30 hours depending on your skill level, though I imagine if you are very good and playing on an easy setting you could finish much faster than that."

The mid-summer estimate for release was reiterated during the Q&A as well. If you want to be considered for the beta (they're continually sending out invites), sign up for an account at The beta is PC only right now but a Mac version will launch in April.
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