PAX 2010: Former World of Warcraft Designer Unveils FireFall MMOTPS

By William Usher 6 years ago discussion comments
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From the minds that brought you World of Warcraft and Tribes, comes a free-to-play massive-multiplayer, team-based shooter called FireFall. The game is set to release at the end of 2011 for PC from the new-found studio, Red 5.

Red 5s Scott Youngblood commented in the press release, saying...
I wanted to take the best of what I learned making online games and bring that to skill-based shooters.When Mark brought me on to help design Firefall, it was obvious to me that he was dedicated to building something different. With Firefall, Im finally able to make the game of my dreams.

The game is straight-up amazing; imagine Tabula Rasa, Halo 3, BattleSwarm: Field of Honor, StarCraft, Starsiege Tribes and Section 8 had a massive orgy and produced an would be something on the lines of FireFall.

The game sports heavy customization, first or third-person combat, vehicles, team-play, resource management and more. Its extremely impressive looking and the best part about it is that its using the F2P model so gamers dont have to worry about getting bogged down with monthly subscriptions. I could see a lot of people throwing a lot of money into this games cash shop when it goes live in 2011.

You can check out some screenshots below or register for the beta and check out an extended gameplay clip over at the Official Website.

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