Rumor: Face-Mapping Coming To Perfect Dark On Xbox Live

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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I donít think thereís a better way to round out the weekend than with rumored news about a classic game. In fact, this is the kind of rumor that gets you all geeked up for the next week because youíll be too excited to not think about the news. So what news am I talking about? Well, other than the fact that Microsoft has confirmed that Perfect Dark is coming to Xbox Live Arcade later this year, there is also the possibility that Face-Mapping could be coming with it.

Electronic Theatre first reported on the announcement of Perfect Dark coming to Xbox Live Arcade, but ventured further to speculate on an abandoned feature from the original game: the ability to import oneís face using the GameBoy Camera and the N64 GameBoy Transfer Pack.

Now rumor-throwers would instantly try to indicate that this could work in conjunction with Natal, but we already know that Natal wonít be available until the holiday season of next year. So, no, you wonít be plastering your face all over Perfect Dark for XBLA using Natal. Not this year, anyway.

Electronic Theatreís speculation over the inclusion of this feature comes from the screenshots that indicate that a character not on the original Perfect Dark is on display. Now fans of the series know that the original game had tons of unlockable characters and that itís possible that mysterious female gunner could be a super-secret character. Alternatively, the article suggests that she could be an added character, specifically for Xbox Live. Then thereís the obvious distinction to which this news is labeled as a rumor: Rare could be bringing back the import-your-own-face feature that was scrapped from the original.

Given that the game will be featuring new Xbox Live supported multiplayer, enhanced graphics and framerates and a few other tidbits of changes, itís not unlikely that the face-importation feature could be returning, too. Weíll keep you posted on any new developments regarding this intriguing rumor, but until then be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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