Rumor: Metal Gear Solid 5 Showing At E3?

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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Seems like this rumor for MGS5 has been circulating often enough on the circuit. But what the heck, why not throw it back out there for the masses to eat up and digest in their minds? With that said, it looks like some more info has surfaced indicating that Metal Gear Solid 5 could be coming sooner than we think.

TheGameReviews [via PlayStationLifeStyle [via Official PlayStation Magazine]] is following the rumor-train that Metal Gear Solid 5 could be making an appearance at E3, from Konami yet without Kojima. Say what?

Yes, Kojima announced during the Metal Gear Solid 4 uber-hype that it would be his last MGS game and the last game featuring Solid Snake. So itís now expected of Konami to drop some announcement bombs at this yearís E3. You can filter through the info by checking out TGRís Rumor Killers or PlayStationLifeStyleís info for a more detailed look at the rumor. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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