Star Wars: The Old Republic Newbie Guide Video Released By BioWare

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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BioWare realizes that every Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't a grizzled MMO vet looking for a break from World of Warcraft. To help out newbies, they're releasing a series of video guides to the game.

The first video, "Begin Your Journey," walks players through the character creation process. If you just started up the game and have no idea of what to do, you should watch it. Seasoned players can check it out to feel superior.

"Over the next several weeks we’ll be releasing additional guides which will include topics such as navigation, user interface, and grouping with other players. We hope these videos will ease new players into the game while teaching more experienced players a thing or two that they might not have known," said BioWare.

Old Republic is perhaps more likely than most games to attract MMO newcomers. Star Wars is one of the largest franchises in the world and many fans are willing to try a new genre in order to get a new dose of Jedi and Sith action. Furthermore, SW:TOR is a spiritual successor to the Knights of the Old Republic games so no doubt the game has drawn in a few single-player RPG fanatics.
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