Star Wars The Old Republic: Making The Jedi Dev Doc Released

By William Usher 6 years ago discussion comments
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For everyone who was worried, concerned, curious or stoked about the Jedi in the upcoming The Old Republic, Bioware and LucasArts released a new dev diary covering that very topic. This video diary is all about the Jedi, their powers their lightsaber abilities and their story premise.

This video definitely doesn’t do The Old Republic any favors in the combat department, but MMOs have always suffered when it comes to combat…save for maybe the side-scrolling MMOs and Allods and Fallen Earth. Still, the lightsaber battles look kind of tired and like a procedural upgrade from the Knights of the Old Republic engine.

The storyline for the game, of course, looks kind of interesting and it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out, especially when playing with other people. You can check out the new video below or head to the Official Website to sign up for the beta.

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