StarCraft II CG Trailer Belongs At The Movies

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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Earlier this year Dawn of War II had a CG trailer that rocked hard. So hard, in fact, that it’s tough to forget just how awesome that trailer was. Well, in a bid to see which game can hone in the most realistic sci-fi 3D on the market, Blizzard has released a new CG trailer for StarCraft II and it definitely stands apart from a lot of the other trailers out there.

Even though StarCraft fans have been put off for World of Warcraft Blizzard hasn’t completely forgotten about you. The game appears to be coming along nicely and the new CG trailer just makes the wait a little bit more endurable for those who seem like they can’t wait any longer.

No worries, 2010 will be here faster than the next game development studio can announce bankruptcy and shut their doors…well, let’s hope so. Anyway, you can check out the new trailer below or visit the Official Website for more info on StarCraft II. For more gaming news, media and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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