Metro Last Light System Requirements Announced; Free Game With Nvidia Cards Buy a high-end video card...get the game for free. I like the sound of those apples.

World of Warcraft Bad Robot Pet Pays Tribute to JJ Abrams Activision pays a bit of an homage to the sci-fi storytelling engineer.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta Underway, Adds Steam Authentication Pirates can no longer play the game for free...not in the multiplayer beta, anyway.

PhysX Water Simulation Breaks Realism Barrier on GTX 580 A single Nvidia GTX 580 does all sorts of awesome in a new water simulation demonstration.

Gearbox Grabs Rights To Homeworld In the continued THQ auction Gearbox laps up the Homeworld IP.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review: Superman is a Prick Because he just is...he really, really, really is.

Crystal Kingdom MMO Brings Back JRPG Nostalgia This is a love letter to 16-bit SNES JRPG fans.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection Sneaks Onto PS3 This June Be sure to bring your cardboard boxes with you, too.




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