Weekly Recap Jan 12th: Firefly MMO, Steam Piston Console, CES 2013 Gaming Gear

By William Usher 3 years ago discussion comments
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Edge of Space Updated With New ContentThe open-world space terra-forming title gets a beefy tray of new content.

Akaneiro Demon Hunters Gets Artistic With Comic Spin-Off Dark Horse joins with Spicy Horse to make a dark spicy horse...or something to that effect.

Serious Sam Double D XXL Release Date Is Set Prepare for some cooperative multiplayer mayhem.

Path of Exile Leads To Late January Open Beta Launch The ARPG alternative to Blizzard's Diablo III.

Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Comes With Bonus Character DLC peddled through controller? Check. Gamers gullible enough to fall for it? Double check.

Walking Dead Survival Instinct Release Date Set For March, Wii U Version Confirmed The Walking Dead games are expanding to additional platforms including Nintendo's Wii U.

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