Weekly Recap March 2nd: Xbox 720 Always-On, Diablo 3 Adds Offline, Deus Ex Human Defiance

By William Usher 3 years ago discussion comments
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Riot Brings Pulse Pounding Riot Simulation to Greenlight It lets you take on the role of rioters or police forces in a very intense and atmospheric game.

Kingdom Heats 1.5 HD ReMIX Finally Drops Onto PS3 This Fall It only took a really long time, but Square is doing it...they're bringing it to Americans.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Sales Drop By 84% Oh fail. Gearbox and Sega are probably crying in a corner somewhere...somewhere dark and lonely...some really remote place on Twitter...except for Randy Pitchford.

Vanguard Princess Ready To Pummel English Speaking Fighter Fans The Japanese port makes its way Stateside.

Xbox 720 Has Always-on DRM, Blocks Used Games Says Eidos President The rumor keeps on keeping on and it's not looking good for Microsoft.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Elite Edition Invading Mac This Spring 2K is releasing a special version of the game this spring.

Diablo 3 Sports Co-op Play, Offline Mode For PS3, PS4 PC gamers got burned but it looks like PS3 gamers might get the real version of the game.

Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increasing, Character Class in the Works This is great news for gamers who have already maxed out their characters.

PS4 Titles Available Day 1 On PSN, Allows For Remote Pre-loading You can download games from work.

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