Weekly Recap March 30th: Metal Gear Solid 5 Announced, Battlefield 4 Footage, Unity On PS4

By William Usher 3 years ago discussion comments
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Planet Explorers Heads to Kickstarter After making a name in the indie space, the developers are looking to further expand their reach by heading to Kickstarter.

Marvel Heroes Release Date Set For June David Brevik's ARPG gets an official release date.

RuneScape 3 Announced For The Summer Jagex has big plans for the most popular free-to-play brand ever made.

EVE Online Odyssey Expansion Pack Announced CCP has an official expansion in store for dedicated EVE players.

Magicka Wizard Wars Adds Multiplayer Spell Casting Formula A new update makes multiplayer a lot more affable.

GTA Vice City Rage Video Features Working Missions

Unity Technology Joins Forces With Qualcomm Technologies

Ecco The Dolphin Successor Big Blue Now On Kickstarter One of the greatest games ever made for the Sega could get a crowd-funded sequel, if gamer are willing to support it.

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