Why Are Books Never Made Into Games?

By Rich Knight 9 years ago discussion comments
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Sure, sure, sure, so you just saw a recent blockbuster in the theater and loved it so much that you went out and bought the game for it as soon as the movie ended. So what? Companies make games about movies all the time (And, in a strange turn of events, Uwe Boll does just the opposite).

But when was the last time you read an awesome book and then went to Gamestop and bought the game? Iíll give you a few moments to think it over (And the Harry Potter games donít count as theyíre based off the movies, not the books).

Okay, times up. The phantom hourglass has dropped all its sand to the bottom of the glass and you still donít have an honest answer, do you? Thatís because companies donít make games about books. Not anymore, anyway.

I say not anymore because back in the day, around the early 90s, there were actually a couple games based off The Lord of the Rings series (Featuring Tom Bombadil, yíall). But even still, this is a paltry offering when we come to realize that both E.T. and Total Recall both have games that were once on the market (Awesome films, suicide worthy games).

So why donít companies make books into games anymore? Probably because people just donít read anymore. Or do they?

Sure, Iíll be the first to admit that your average American wonít discuss the finer points of Madame Bovary with you, but there are other books out there that are all the rage these days, especially ones geared towards children. Even so, developers still donít want to take a gamble with a book related game unless a movie is made about it first, which often leads to a terrible recreation of the story that contains little to nothing of the stuff readers of the book once loved and cared about so dearly in the first place.

Granted, most books canít be made into games (Could you imagine playing A Confederacy of Dunces on the PS3?), but there are definitely more action oriented ones out there that donít contain the words Agatha Christie on the cover.

Am I right, or am I right?

So come on, developers, get with the program and start getting the rights for books already. I mean, the story line is already attached to the project! You really canít go wrong.
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